Will New Englanders embrace the Brut IPA?

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Can you pronounce Amyloglucosidase? In simple terms, this is the enzyme that “chops” unfermentable long strand starch into sugars that the yeast can munch on, which makes for maximum fermentation and ultimately gives a BRUT IPA its light, uber dry body.

Long live the New England IPA, but we’d like to echo what Chris Lohring from Notch Brewing (they make delicious beers by the way) said in a recent interview with the Boston Globe: “I really like New England IPA’s, I just don’t need 300 of them”.

This new ipa style, originally concocted by Kim Sturdavant from Social Kitchen out in San Francisco, is giving hope to brewers across the country to make something new, fun, and of course tasty. A style with a chance to be commercially viable so breweries can pay the bills the way New England juice bombs have carried the cash-flow for both large and small breweries of late. A brut ipa doesn’t necessarily have to veer too far away from the Northeast tropical brethren, as it can impart similar flavors, using rock star hops like citra, mosaic, galaxy and more. Bruts are additionally low in bitterness.

From Untappd to Beer Advocate, we can see mixed reviews from the early versions of the Brut IPA, and beer geek palates may need a bit of time to get used to what their senses are saying.

Excited about this new style, we decided to brew our own Portland Beer Hub Brut IPA, “Weightless”. Made as close to the original recipe as humanly possible, we added our favorite hops amarillo, citra, and galaxy. Weightless is a bone dry, fruity Brut that we think will dance right on your palate and wake your senses that may be lying dormant from an overindulgence in Hazy New Englanders.

Feel free to pre-order your 4 pack or case today, before we release it to distribution on October 6th.

Weightless Brut IPA Pre-order



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